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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.

Chapter 2 Pages 46-47

update CH2Otherworld0046
Hello again!

Only two pages this week. It’s been a crazy week, but since I’m not going to be able to get any more done tomorrow, I thought I might as well upload early, as a bonus.

At least they are sexy pages.

Read on from last week here.

Meanwhile, I looked on google to see if Otherworld was getting mentioned anywhere and I found out, no. Not really. So who’s to blame for that? ME! I didn’t have any share this buttons anywhere, so for your convenience, I have added them. If you feel the urge to tweet how awesome Otherworld is getting (and it will get a lot more awesome as time goes by (no spoilers for you, though)) then hit that button and send it into the blogosphere.

While I never started this project to make money (but thanks for the donation this week, Joseph!) I’m still hoping I can grow the readership to something big. So think about this; Since no one has picked up on the existence of this Webcomic yet, you are part of an exclusive club, possibly the very person that will break it to the world.

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Chapter 2 Pages 40-42

update CH2Otherworld0042
Back again! Another short one, just a swift catch up with Eden. Continue from the end of last week here.

Time to hit this thing head-on. Next week we’ll get some more explanations and see if these two will ever get on.

We got up to 105 followers on facebook, weee!

We also went up about 10 places on Top Web Comics. So way to go people!

See you next week.


Chapter 2 Pages 33-37

Well now... Magic robbed? What? Let Eden do the asking in this week’s update.

Continue reading from last week’s pages here for what I call Explosition. ;)

Till next week.


Chapter 2 Pages 23-24

Updating early this week. I am getting some pages in the bag this week, so I should have a decent lead by the end of the month.

Read on from last week here.

Once that has happend I should be able to get back to releasing the pages in digestible chunks again, instead of these lttle unresolved batches of two.

Anyway, it’s time to hold hands. Like at the end of Toy Story 3?


Chapter 2 Pages 18-20

This week we get a few answers, but also more questions. Read on from last week here.

I got rid of the crappy google ads on the bottom of the comic pages and put a project wonderful box in there. Hopefully that will mean that you might actually see a link in there to something that would actually interest you.

Meanwhile Otherworld has slipped down at Top Webcomics, if you have a few secs, click the link and vote after reading.

Thanks and see you next week.


Chapter 2 Pages 10-16

Another update, seven pages this time.

What happens to Eden next? Let’s go see!

I decided to change the way I put images on this update page, instead of putting an image of the last page from the previous update, I’m going to be putting one panel from the new part instead. It worked really well on the first ever entry on November 29th and well, I think it’s just more exciting that way. So there you go!

Otherworld is now rank 221 at topwebcomics.com thanks to you all!

See you next week, when we shall resolve this weeks cliff hanger!

Chapter 2


Two great bits of news this week.

The first is that Chapter two has begun with 9 new pages! Lets find out a bit about Eden shall we?

The second is that thanks to all you readers Otherwrold climbed from below rank 1000 on Top Web Comics to ~ 250 in less than a week!

Again I’d like to express my thanks for all the votes, the higher Otherworld goes up on that site, the more people are likely to check it out, and this comic can’t be a success without readers.

So big hugs to you. And another if you go vote for it again each time you read a new bunch of pages....

In other news, I had to update the site layout a bit. I discovered that there were actually two versions of each chapter due to the weird way that a plugin was acting in Rapid weaver. Since I’m not yet ready to upgrade to word press, I have moved stuff around, but the upshot is that half of the comments were on one copy of the comic and half were on the other. Sadly this means some comments probably have been lost, but hopefully I won’t have that problem going forward.

Feedback welcome and looked forward to as usual.

Thanks and see you next week.


Just four pages, but these take us to the end of the chapter.

It has been exactly two months since launch, so I’m glad we are making progress. It took me the whole of November to make the first 17 pages, but the next 48 went pretty fast.
How quickly will chapter 2 go, I wonder? Even faster I hope.

With chapter one complete, I have added the cover page and started the setup for Chapter 2 which will begin next week.

Hope you like it so far.

Chapter 2 is called Aelfling and it may come as little surprise to hear that it focusses on Eden McCrea.

Thanks for looking and see you next week.




Pages 56-61 are up.

No more flashbacks. Let’s find out who’s harder, Bryce or Katlyn.

Oh yes! and a big “Hi” to the Tomb Raider Forums people stopping by.


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I got a bit carried away it seems; this weeks’s update is ELEVEN pages.

I started penciling on Friday and finished inking this morning, which is a bit of a record for me.

Anyway, Is Katlyn really dead? Yes.

Read on to find out what happens next.

If this is not getting awesome yet, then I’m not sure I know what awesome is.



Happy New Year!

I got really ill over the holidays, went to the doctor and aparently, I got a sinus infection and bronchitis. Which is a bit much if you ask me. Anyway, it meant that I couldn't work some of last week so by the end of the week, I still did not have a complete chunk of comic to put up here.

Consequently, today's drop is a relatively big one. Nine new pages.

What is the beef between Katlyn and Bryce? Read on to begin to uncover the reasons for their animosity.

In other news, of course here is the new website. It looks much the same, just a bit better formatted. You will also note that I have enabled comments on the comic pages themselves (hopefully.) Feel free to write on them if you are so moved.

As usual, thanks for reading, and see you next week.



Merry Christmas Eve!

Just three pages this week. Did Katlyn really get blown up? Just how hard is Bryce? Read and see.

I won’t be putting up any pages next week with Christmas break and all, but in the new year there will be plenty more to see.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year from me!





Almost missed this weekly update.

I ret-conned page 16. You know, I did page 16 on the day I was launching the comic and I hurried it. I didn’t want to have to live with that.

Soooo, there is a new page 16 and a new page 17. It makes the whole thing make a lot more sense, hopefully.

Will Eden die? Will Katlyn disobey her master? Where are they?

Get in there and find out!

If you like it, Please spread the word, tweet it tell your facebook friends and like the Otherworld Comic facebook page.

Cheers, till next week.




Seven new pages to read!

With Katlyn poised to kill Eden, the question is what will she do?

To have any idea, we need to know who she is and why she is with these killers. In this new scene you will see a critical part of Katlyn’s origin story and of course, some fairly awesome powers.

As usual, comment me up here oron the facebook page if you’re digging it.

See you on the other side.



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Read all about how I draw the Otherworld comic! Read More...

A big thanks!


Thanks to all of you for checking out my comic!

So the schedule is going to be one new page every Tuesday and Thursday if I cannot update for whatever reason, I’ll post up some excuses right here and you can call me a lame-o.

I have re-jiggered the site slightly. Now there are only two navigation tabs at the top of the site, and those old silly comics have migrated over to the oddly names articles section in the sidebar.

Over there you will find the Otherworld facebook page weblet thingimijig. If you like the comic, go there, give it the thumbs up and share it with your friends. My comic will be sad and lonely if no one reads it :)



Screen shot 2010-11-29 at 9.18.03 PM
Let’s take a look behind door number three.

In the end I got 16 pages done. I wish I’d got through the first issue, which would be about 35 pages I suppose, because I think it would start making a lot more sense by then, and things have only just started kicking off by page 14.

Yeah, 16 pages isn’t all that much. It took a month to make, and only 2 minutes to read! Still, that’s the point of a long form comic, it’s takes a while to build up.

So, there are no comments enabled on the comic pages themselves, but feel free to comment on this post.

Alternatively, I started a Face Book page called Otherworld Comic. If you dig what I’ve done so far and want to give me some encouragement to keep going, there is a discussion page and a wall and all that jaz over on Facebook. I will also be having a sort of launch party on the facebook page between 12pm and 3pm PST today, Tuesday 30th November. Come on by to see some extra preliminary sketches and have a chat!

The main link to the Otherworld comic is on the menu at the top of the page ^ Up there.

Thanks for checking it out. Things are only going to get more interesting from here.

Nearly there

Last update before launch day.

As promised, a small selection of concept sketches. Generally I never finish off my sketches, they tend to be just a few wobbly lines that only I can understand. Consequently there were not a lot that seemed worth including. So instead I selected just a few rough concepts that try to express something of what you might expect from the comic, mostly focusing on the creatures.

Clicking on it will give you a larger version.

As always, hit me up with a comment or link to this site if you think it’s looking like it’s going to be cool.

See you next Tuesday.


Poster 3

More Otherworld


I decided that updating last thing at night PST on Tuesdays isn’t really a Tuesday update almost the whole world. Sooo, I’m going to post updates at or around 12am Tuesday mornings from now on.

This week, meet Eden McCrea.

By day Eden is an IT student at Wakefield college but in the evenings, she and her two best friends visit the city’s abandoned places and prcatice witchcraft. A week ago Eden discovered that she can manifest convincing illusions whenever she is in one specific building. What the friends don’t know is that they have stumbled across a secret that The Order has been supressing for almost five hundred years. One that they will kill to protect.


Just one more update to go before launch day and that will probably be a bunch of concept sketches.

I hope you come back to check it out next week! As usual, if it looks sweet or hot, tell your friends.

Announcing Otherworld

Otherworld is a manga-style, twice weekly, long-form web comic based on celtic myth.

It follows the lives of two English girls, thrown together by circumstances beyond their control who find themselves trapped in a brutal parallel world inhabited by mythical creatures and powerful, treacherous beings.

This week, meet 17 year old Katlyn Liu.

Katlyn was raised by the very man who killed her mother and father when she was just five years old. Under his brutal training regime, within an occult organization, Katlyn is about to beecome the youngest full Knight of the Order in over six hundred years. But before that, she must face a test that will threaten to overturn twelve years of planning and change her life forever.


The comic is based on a book that I wrote a year ago but that I never published. I’d love to make a game or a movie out of this idea, since I’ve been obsessing over it for years, but without a spare hundred million dollars that seems unlikely. So while the comic format is not my first choice of medium to release this, (mainly because my art is a bit embarrassingly rusty, apologies in advance) it is going to be fun writing and drawing the whole thing. It just might take a while to get through it all.

Comics manage to entirely circumvent the ratings system, but I warn you that this story is not for children. It is likely to include: extreme violence, gore, partial nudity, sexual situations, drug references, strong language, gay and lesbian themes, and pretty much anything else necessary to tell the story without compromise. By Uk ratings standards it’s probably a 15 rather than an 18, though.

So if you like action packed, morally ambiguous modern fantasy, where myths are woven together with conspiracy theories, then Otherworld might be right up your street.

So tell your friends, 30th November I hope to drop the first 15-20 pages or so.

I look forward to your comments and I hope to see you again next Tuesday!


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Eden McCrea never expected anything bad to happen when she and her friends decided to explore an abandoned cinema, but when they stumble on a five hundred year old conspiracy of astonishing proportions she finds that not only is her own world far more dangerous than she'd ever imagined but that there even worse ones out there.

Otherworld follows the adventures of two very different girls as they peel back the fabrications that have hidden the facts behind the folk tales of the British Isles and beyond. It is a modern day Urban Fantasy drawing on the celtic myths of the Tuatha de Danann and the mystery of conspiracy theory adventure stories.

Otherworld is updated once a week, on or before Friday with several new pages. Get updates so you can read new pages as soon as they are up with the RSS button on the bottom of the sidebar to the right, or by liking the Otherworld Comic page on facebook.

If you enjoy this comic, tell your friends about it.