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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.
Mar 2011

Chapter 2 Pages 29-32

Really early update this week.

I wanted to finally let the Truth out. The secret that The Order has been killing to keep for centuries.

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Next week we will get into how, and maybe have some soup :)

See you next Friday!


Chapter 2 Pages 25-28

Back again for more!? GREAT! Welcome.

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What the hell are those cat monkey things? And why so scary? This week lets see what lengths our two awesome heroines will go to, trying to escape. And will they? Just a click away to find out.

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Chapter 2 Pages 23-24

Updating early this week. I am getting some pages in the bag this week, so I should have a decent lead by the end of the month.

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Once that has happend I should be able to get back to releasing the pages in digestible chunks again, instead of these lttle unresolved batches of two.

Anyway, it’s time to hold hands. Like at the end of Toy Story 3?


Chapter 2 Pages 21-22

Another update. A whole day late, unfortunately. Read on from last week here.

This coming week I have a clear schedule and hopefully when I post next week it will be with news that I have actually created something of a buffer.

I’m pretty excited about the rest of this chapter, and I’ll do my best to speed things up. This week’s panels were all background heavy, and that slows me down like you wouldn’t believe.

Hi ho!


As with all new webcomics, Otherworld makes no money.

I have decided to try adding a small incentive for donators in the form of wallpapers. These imags will be completely exclusve to those willing to support the comic.

I can’t guarrantee that someone won’t upload them somewhere, but I won’t put them up on my deviant art page or release them through the media page.

If you are kind enough to make a donation, I will email you the image.

And as always, thanks for reading.


Chapter 2 Pages 18-20

This week we get a few answers, but also more questions. Read on from last week here.

I got rid of the crappy google ads on the bottom of the comic pages and put a project wonderful box in there. Hopefully that will mean that you might actually see a link in there to something that would actually interest you.

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