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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.
Aug 2011

Chapter 3 Pages 59-63

update CH3Otherworld0062
Five new pages this week. Read on from last week here.

I submitted some pages for constructive criticism over at The Webcomic List and Whitechappel. White chappel appears to be a deadzone, but I got some useful feedback from TWL. It is the same feedback i got from Cloe C, which is that my line work is too too ugly. I decided I should stop just saying “yes, I know.” and try to do something about it, so while the first 2 pages of this update are in the same Line art style as you are used to, the last 3 pages are my attempt at a new improved line.

I don’t think it changes the look of the comic much at all, but I do feel it makes for subtley more pleasing art and in general a more dynamic looking page. Let me know what you think.

Till next week.


Chapter 3 Pages 54-58

update CH3Otherworld0055
Five new pages this week. Continue from last week here.

Things are heating up fo Katlyn, literally. Let’s see how Katlyn’s gambit plays out against Captain Crevan. Also, what happend to Eden? Read on to find out.

Last week we hit a few milestones for the site, we had our first day when visits topped 1000 in one day and our monthly pageviews broke 900k. That’s fantastic, given that when i launched this site in December last year, i was getting about 200 visits a month! We are still a longway away from the traffic that the big Webcomics get, Eerie Cuties gets about 10x the daily trafffic, and something like Gunnerkrigg Court gets about double that. So there’s a long way to go, but I’ll keep putting out the story and hope that you guys can help me spread the word!

Also, if you are in the mood to draw, send in some fan art. I’d love to see your interpretation of the characters and you’ll get to see your art on the website. It’s win / win!

Meanwhile, Otherworld got another review last week at Threat or Menace. If you are interested in seeing what other people have to say about the comic, go check it out here:

Pasted Graphic


Chapter 3 Pages 48-53

update CH3Otherworld0051
Six new pages. Continue from last week here.

I got these puppies finished by he end of Sunday because I was really into them. Despite having them ready so early, they actually took quiet a lot of time, all the more shame that you will most likely read them in about 10 seconds.

My recommendation is to savour them and let the meaning of each panel sink in before moving to the next, if you have the patience! Tough thing to do, when there is so little dialogue but it’s hard to represent correct pacing without masses of filler panels. Whatever, I love action scenes and hopefully this week held a few surprises.

Meanwhile in the real world, at the time of writing, Otherworld is up at No.36 on Top Web Comics, which is really good given there’s still 18 days till the end of the month. Looking at the readership statistics, it looks like the visits have more than doubled in the last month, which is fantastic!

Welcome all you new people!

Keep spreading the word. This puppy is only going to keep getting better, I promise.

I only wish I could go faster. Having said that, I know the next two months will be busy for me, so I probably won’t be able to keep up the pace of 6 pages a week through September. But I’ll do my best!

‘Till next week.


Chapter 3 Pages 42-47

update CH3Otherworld0044
Six new pages this week, but it will take you only 10 seconds to read them. Continue from last week here.

Katlyn and Eden are in trouble; outnumbered, outmatched and backed into a corner with only the white hot heat of Katlyn’s rage to save them. Will it be enough?

Alright, I’m going to try something different for the vote incentive this week. I’ve tried sketches but they seem a bit blah. I’ve put up whole pencilled pages but I think they give away too much. I’ve done thumb nailed and cleaned up pencil versions and I’m sure you prefer the cleaned up ones.

This week I’m shifting to a single panel from the next update, cleaned up pencils. The idea is the image will act as a more obscure teaser, something cool, but possibly deliberately misleading.

I’ve had no feedback on the vote incentive images, except the first one that really pissed people off :) Let me know which style you like best, or even if there is a different sort of incentive you’d like to see. (Evil Diva does an ‘overdub’ they call slly words where they exchange the dialogue on a page for something more humerous, for instance.)

Anyway, hope you like this update. I personally love getting to the action parts, and luckily there’s more to come.

Till next week, Tobles out!


Chapter 3 Pages 39-41

update CH3Otherworld0039
Only three new pages this week, I almost had none!! But anyway, read on from last week here, and don’t forget to refresh the page to get the new link to move on.

Also, HOLD ON!, before you head off, there’s two more things I want to share with you.

First, we have a new piece of fan art from Richard Grzela, check that out on the Fan Art page.

Second, Deviant artist tite-pao has coloured some otherworld pages over on her Deviant Art page, so you can check those out here too! Be sure to leave her a comment if yo go there.

Finally, the vote incentive this week is not a sneak peak, but some concept sketches of the Captain and the Troll.

Hope you like them.

Till next week!


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Eden McCrea never expected anything bad to happen when she and her friends decided to explore an abandoned cinema, but when they stumble on a five hundred year old conspiracy of astonishing proportions she finds that not only is her own world far more dangerous than she'd ever imagined but that there even worse ones out there.

Otherworld follows the adventures of two very different girls as they peel back the fabrications that have hidden the facts behind the folk tales of the British Isles and beyond. It is a modern day Urban Fantasy drawing on the celtic myths of the Tuatha de Danann and the mystery of conspiracy theory adventure stories.

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