Otherworld Comic
Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.
Jun 2011

Chapter 3 Pages 15-18

Update CH3Otherworld0016
Another early one this week. Four more pages, and things are heating up.

Read on from last week here.

What’s this? Has Katlyn gone mad?

Meanwhile in our world, Otherworld has firmly arrived on the front page of Top Web Comics and settled in the mid 60’s, which is great.

Hopefully the increased visibility will bring new readers to these pages, but as usual the best way to get more people here is through your recommendations, so if you know anyone who might be into Otherworld, then let them in on the secret!

Till next week, thanks for reading!

Chapter 3 Pages 11-14

Update CH3Otherworld0014
The Return of the King!

Four pages this week. It’s time to blow down the doors on this one. Continue reading from last week here.

Been so excited to get this stuff out, to let Eden’s powers out he bag, that I’ve been burning the midnight oil. By christ I’m tired though.

As I write this, Otherworld is at rank 83 on Top Web Comics. Being in the top 100 is just wicked cool.

I’m facinated to see where it eventually plateaus. There are some incredibly good webcomics above us, like Turbo Defiant Kimecan, The End and Gunnerkrigg Court. To name but a few.

Also, I had time to fix some Effects continuity errors in Chapter 1 (on pages 13 and 15 I think) as the animating banner above shows.


Chapter 3 Page 9-10

update CH3Otherworld0010
Ah yes. Two pages this week. Read on from last week here.

How I believed I would get three pages done this week. In fact I was really close.

So the big news this week is I’m trying a different thing for the Top Web comics voteing thingy.

When you get to the last page this week, instead of no thumbnail for the next page, there is a special Top Web Comics thumbnail. Clicking that will give you bonus material every week, if you vote.

This week it is one extra panel, I think the best panel of the week.

In future the voting incentive is likly to only be rough pencils. But because I got so close to finishing a third page, I can give you this one instead.

Let me know if this is an awesome idea of if it riles you up!


Chapter 3 Page 8


Only one page this week.

Unlike most webcomic people, I don’t have a buffer (I just can’t hold it back you see) and this week, my wife gave birth to our daughter. That pretty much filled every waking moment with something other than drawing.

I don’t know how I’m going to fit everything in over the next few weeks, but I will. Somehow.


Chapter 3 Pages 4-7

update CH3Otherworld0004
Welcome back for an early update. That’s why you follow this on Facebook / Twitter / RSS, right? So you can know when I update early! Yeah!

Continue reading from last week here.

This week we find out what Katlyn was thinking about while she sat there staring at Eden sleeping.

Next week, is the beginning of their journey to the first bit of Otherworld civilization. I am both excited and a bit scared. It involves a lot of landscape, which I suck at, but there is no avoiding it any longer! Over the next few weeks you will learn what an Aelfling is and what Eden is capable of, which I’m really looking forward to.

Meanwhile on the website front, I changed the rating to R and stuck a big sign up there on the front page. Personally, I think 16+ is more reasonable, but then I remembered how crazy America is with obscentity laws. Aparently if a child sees a boob, their brains melt and they become sociapathic monsters... Despite boobs being the first thing we all see.

Well whatever, there is sex in this comic later on, and while it’s not going to be graphic, I should at least acknowledge that. Plus there is the fairly graphic disembowlings and so forth. Plus beheadings and such like. MMmn. Lots of good stuff to come.