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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.
May 2011

Chapter 3

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Welcome back! Been a busy week, so again I only have 3 pages for you, but they’re pretty good.

Chapter 3 chronicles Katlyn and Eden’s journey through the Otherworld on their way to the city of Esrias. Along the way we will meet the Aos Si learn about Eden’s powers and get more insight into Katlyn’s time with the Order.

Thanks to all you who have been voting at Top Web Comics, Otherworld has gone up to 156. It’s still about a hundred votes from getting into the top 100, which is where I would love it to go. So even if you already have the snazzy wallpaper, don’t forget to quickly vote after reading. Or now, even!

Thanks for reading as ever.


Chapter 2 Cover

Chapter 2
We now have a cover for Chapter 2 so go check it out!

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We have slipped down to 194 and it’s making me all sad and stuff. So even if you don’t like the picture, vote us up anyway and make a sad balding old man into a happier balding old man.

See you next week for Chapter 3.


How I Draw Otherworld

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I have added a new section for Articles up there on the tippy top menu bar. ^

There are two up currently, but I really want to write a bunch more. Eventually I think it might be cool to create a sort of wiki-like Otherworld Encyclopedia.

Or maybe I’m going a bit mad.

The first article has been up on Top Webcomics for ages, so nothing new there unless you never checked it out.

The second article is brand new and goes into what I learned trying to make Otherworld and what I now do to work FASTER and HARDER!


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Eden McCrea never expected anything bad to happen when she and her friends decided to explore an abandoned cinema, but when they stumble on a five hundred year old conspiracy of astonishing proportions she finds that not only is her own world far more dangerous than she'd ever imagined but that there even worse ones out there.

Otherworld follows the adventures of two very different girls as they peel back the fabrications that have hidden the facts behind the folk tales of the British Isles and beyond. It is a modern day Urban Fantasy drawing on the celtic myths of the Tuatha de Danann and the mystery of conspiracy theory adventure stories.

Otherworld is updated once a week, on or before Friday with several new pages. Get updates so you can read new pages as soon as they are up with the RSS button on the bottom of the sidebar to the right, or by liking the Otherworld Comic page on facebook.


Chapter 2 Finish

Update CH2Otherworld0050
Chapter 2 is over. Read on from last week here.

Hope you like these last 3 pages. They are ever so slightly NSFW, but don’t get your hopes too high.

Otherworld is going on a short break next week preparing for Chapter 3. That doesn’t mean no updates though.

Early next week I will post the Article that describes how I draw Otherworld in Manga Studio EX.

Most of next week will be devoted to painting a new full colour promotional piece, similar to the Katlyn one I did in February. That should go up at the end of next week so there’s plenty of reasons to drop by.

I also want to fix some continuity issues in Chapter 1, so if I get time I’ll be doing that too.

Hope you are enjoying Otherworld so far. The adventure really has only just got started and it’s heading to quite a conclusion, I promise. There are about 70 scenes to go, and the entire time Eden and Katlyn have been in the Farm house would be counted as one scene. So I suspect we are talking about a 2 year project in total for Part 1.

There’s lots of cool stuff I can’t wait to get to, but you have to have your setup before your denouement.


Chapter 2 Pages 46-47

update CH2Otherworld0046
Hello again!

Only two pages this week. It’s been a crazy week, but since I’m not going to be able to get any more done tomorrow, I thought I might as well upload early, as a bonus.

At least they are sexy pages.

Read on from last week here.

Meanwhile, I looked on google to see if Otherworld was getting mentioned anywhere and I found out, no. Not really. So who’s to blame for that? ME! I didn’t have any share this buttons anywhere, so for your convenience, I have added them. If you feel the urge to tweet how awesome Otherworld is getting (and it will get a lot more awesome as time goes by (no spoilers for you, though)) then hit that button and send it into the blogosphere.

While I never started this project to make money (but thanks for the donation this week, Joseph!) I’m still hoping I can grow the readership to something big. So think about this; Since no one has picked up on the existence of this Webcomic yet, you are part of an exclusive club, possibly the very person that will break it to the world.

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