Otherworld Comic
Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.

Chapter 2 Pages 46-47

update CH2Otherworld0046
Hello again!

Only two pages this week. It’s been a crazy week, but since I’m not going to be able to get any more done tomorrow, I thought I might as well upload early, as a bonus.

At least they are sexy pages.

Read on from last week here.

Meanwhile, I looked on google to see if Otherworld was getting mentioned anywhere and I found out, no. Not really. So who’s to blame for that? ME! I didn’t have any share this buttons anywhere, so for your convenience, I have added them. If you feel the urge to tweet how awesome Otherworld is getting (and it will get a lot more awesome as time goes by (no spoilers for you, though)) then hit that button and send it into the blogosphere.

While I never started this project to make money (but thanks for the donation this week, Joseph!) I’m still hoping I can grow the readership to something big. So think about this; Since no one has picked up on the existence of this Webcomic yet, you are part of an exclusive club, possibly the very person that will break it to the world.

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