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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.
Dec 2011

Chapter 3 Page 81

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In which we meet doom.

Happy New Year!


Chapter 3 Page 80 and a message

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Hi everyone. Just one page again. Read on from here.

To sum up the message on page 81, Otherworld will be taking a two week break, which I will use to stock up on pages.

Christmas break means that I can actually get some pages done but with work frenzy restarting in January, I’m going to take the opportunity to create a buffer, because there have been multiple times this month when I have nearly been unable to fit a page in around my other work and family commitments.

While it makes me sad to not post for two weeks, I think it will concretely improve your reading pleasure in the New Year.

So, without further ado. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

This comic would be nothing without you readers, so I truly appreciate the fact you come and read Otherworld, and I will be putting new pages up on the 1st of January.

Here’s lookin’ at you!


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Eden McCrea never expected anything bad to happen when she and her friends decided to explore an abandoned cinema, but when they stumble on a five hundred year old conspiracy of astonishing proportions she finds that not only is her own world far more dangerous than she'd ever imagined but that there even worse ones out there.

Otherworld follows the adventures of two very different girls as they peel back the fabrications that have hidden the facts behind the folk tales of the British Isles and beyond. It is a modern day Urban Fantasy drawing on the celtic myths of the Tuatha de Danann and the mystery of conspiracy theory adventure stories.

Otherworld is updated once a week, on or before Friday. Get updates so you can read new pages as soon as they are up with the RSS button on the bottom of the sidebar to the right, or by liking the Otherworld Comic page on facebook.

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Chapter 3 Page 79

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Hey there! Read on from last week here.

Next week, something wicked this way comes. Something that not even Katlyn can handle. Click the vote button to see some work in progress designs for it.

Meanwhile, I look forward to your comments!


Chapter 3 Page 78

update CH3Otherworld0078
You see? Too good to last... One page only. Read on from last week here.

This was a crazy one. In LA we had a massive wind storm, and I guess, a tree took out our powerline. So for the last 24 hours we were living in the stone age. Since I was only half way through this page, I thought I would utterly miss the update window.

But then BWING! “Let there be light” at 10 pm tonight and I got right on it!

And then, everyone lived happily ever after.