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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.
Feb 2012

Chapter 3 Page 89

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OMG!!! Soooo LATE! Sorry everyone. Read on from last week here.

Man, I thought I was going to get it done early this week, but then crazy stuff happened and for some reason this page seemed to take a stupidly long time.

Whatever. Lets get to it. Next week (or I guess technically later this week) we’ll get the real measure of Katlyn.


Chpater 3 Page 88

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Continue from last week here.

Ohh. Here it is. You don’t see Katlyn looking worried very often.

Sorry for the last minute update. To make it up to you, the vote incentive this week is a bit racey.

Till next week, Peeps!


Chapter 3 Page 87

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Continue from last week here.

I enjoyed this page. I wish I could say crazy time with my other projects was at at an end, but no.

The end is in sight though. It’s still my goal to increase ouput again. I want to see how this turns out as much as you do.

Till next week.


Chapter 3 Page 86

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Continue from last week here.

Sorry for the late update. It’s meant to update on or before Friday and while it’s still Friday in some parts of the world, in others, it’s not.

To tell you the truth, its becasue I got confused about what bloody day of the week it was! Too many things going on.

Sooo. Here it is.