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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.
Jan 2012

Chapter 3 Page 85

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Continue from last week here.

We are set up. The time has come. The answer will be revealed.

“Why wouldn’t the Aos Si follow them into the corruption?”

By the way, I’m fairly swooning after the Ferris Beuler 2 teaser....


Chapter 3 Page 84

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Holy moley. Another page. Read on from last week here.

Still no sign of work letting up and updates expanding again, although it’s still my firm intention to do so, as soon as I am able.

Hope everyone’s new year is going well. It’s been a bit shit for me so far, so I’m going to have another one.

The year of the Dragon is going to be much better.


Chapter 3 Page 83

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Nothing much to add to this except to talk about this week’s vote incentive. It’s a nude-y picture of Katlyn!

I’ll probably paint it up properly one day, but for now it’s just a very simple grainy pencil sketch.

There’s a story behind it. I drew two pictures of a girl using telekinesis to float in the air. This wasa one of them. It was Katlyn before she even had a name and these two images are what started this whole thing off.

It’s NSFW obviously, but at the same time, it’s hardly porn so whatever.

Next week you’s guys!

Chapter 3 Page 82

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Oi OI!


I actually never did get a buffer of pages. So this week’s incentive is a sketch of Katlyn, just as an incentive.

It’s dead rough, but she’s looking mean.