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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.
Apr 2012

Chapter 3 Page 94

update CH3Otherworld0094
Read on from last week here.

What’s she doing? Run Katlyn, RUN!!

Let me ask you, do you think you’d be interested in buying Katlyn or Eden figurines?

Just to guage interest, you know?


Chapter 3 Page 93

update CH3Otherworld0093
Hello again! Read on from last week here.

Anyone playing SWTOR any more? I don’t see anyone on their servers these days....

Anyway, don’t click on the VOTE link for TWC this week if you don’t like nudity. ‘Nuff said.


Chapter 3 Page 92

update CH3Otherworld0092
Read on from last week here.

Ah HA! Updated on time two weeks in a row. That’s showing them! Ba-chang!

This comic is going too slow. Its so wierd, as a comic you buy these pages would flash by, but as a webcmic its just excruciating.

I have to move back to batches....

Anysways, anyone else into that whole Pinterest thing?


Chapter 3 Page 91

update CH3Otherworld0091
Katlyn is ANGRY!!! And so might you be- I’ve been slacking. Continue from last time, whenever that was, here.

Missed several weeks last month. But look! Update, on time! Thursday!

All’s good with the world. Hopefully we will be back on schedule, at least until June...

So how have you guys been? Anyone there anymore?

Anyone play Skyrim? Definitely not anything to do with why I’ve been lax updating.

Definitely not. (Don’t worry I’ve finished it now.)