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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.
Apr 2011

Chapter 2 Pages 43-45

Update CH2Otherworld0045
After two updates with virtually no dialogue, it’s three pages of talking time again.

Read on from last week’s pages here.

What’s that evil tinkerbell about eh? Let’s find out...


Chapter 2 Pages 40-42

update CH2Otherworld0042
Back again! Another short one, just a swift catch up with Eden. Continue from the end of last week here.

Time to hit this thing head-on. Next week we’ll get some more explanations and see if these two will ever get on.

We got up to 105 followers on facebook, weee!

We also went up about 10 places on Top Web Comics. So way to go people!

See you next week.


Chapter 2 Pages 38-39

update CH2Otherworld0038
Only two pages this week, and no dialogue, so it’s going to take you about 5 seconds to read.

I was planning 5 pages but I simply didn’t get to finish them, too busy. Which is good right? If I have time to upload nine pages it means there’s no paying work about :)

Read on from the last page here.

Aaannyway. The big question this week is: Will Katlyn kick Eden’s arse?

Personally I would not antagonize Katlyn if I ever met her.

Meanwhile, Otherworld has gone up to rank 249 on Top Web Comics, so thanks to everyone who is voting for it!

Also we are two ‘likes’ away from 100 on Facebook and while that’s hardly a big deal, it is a milestone. So if you do like it, hit that thumb button on the right and join our facebook gang!

As always thanks for dropping by, and I really wish I could be doing this full time, because there’s so much cool stuff coming and I really want to get to it.

‘Till next week!

Chapter 2 Pages 33-37

Well now... Magic robbed? What? Let Eden do the asking in this week’s update.

Continue reading from last week’s pages here for what I call Explosition. ;)

Till next week.