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Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.

Chapter 2 Pages 38-39

update CH2Otherworld0038
Only two pages this week, and no dialogue, so it’s going to take you about 5 seconds to read.

I was planning 5 pages but I simply didn’t get to finish them, too busy. Which is good right? If I have time to upload nine pages it means there’s no paying work about :)

Read on from the last page here.

Aaannyway. The big question this week is: Will Katlyn kick Eden’s arse?

Personally I would not antagonize Katlyn if I ever met her.

Meanwhile, Otherworld has gone up to rank 249 on Top Web Comics, so thanks to everyone who is voting for it!

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As always thanks for dropping by, and I really wish I could be doing this full time, because there’s so much cool stuff coming and I really want to get to it.

‘Till next week!