Otherworld Comic
Everything you know is based on a lie; the biggest lie that has ever been told.


Hello Peeps,

Terrible news and great news.

Sorry for not updating. Its been a very long time. I apollogize for letting you down. I deserve a good punching.

Bad me. Lets just skip ahead to the future.

The good news is this: The game I’m working on as a game director got greenlit!!

That means there is a good chance that there willl be a jolly good game coming out in in the future, fingers crossed.

That is only part of the terribe news.

The rest of the terribly bad news is that I have no chance to update the comic before mid August.

I know that you invest time checking here, and every time it doesn’t update it is a grievance for you.

We entered a bargain. I would tell you a story, and you would make time in your schedule to listen. I massively apreciate all of you that have responded to the comic.

I’m renaging on my end of our agreement. I feel realy bad about that.

All I can tell you is that Katlyn is not going to end on a dead comic.